How we got started in Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue

🌈In Memory of Bear The Cat🌈

Today was Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescues’ first birthday! That’s right, one whole year of growing into the mighty community of animal lovers & welfare advocates we now know as #teamBFFR.

In our first 12 months, we have rescued 250 animals! This includes cats, rabbits & even a dog! 141 of these animals are now living amazing new lives in their forever homes, & we currently have 100 animals still receiving TLC in their fabulous foster homes. #bearyfuzzyfosteranimals

BFFR strive to commit to transparency – we like to share the good with the bad, the sad with the happy & everything in between.

Although we have saved so many lives we have also held 9 precious lives as they gained their wings and joined Bear The Cat over the rainbow bridge, knowing that we may have been the only love, care & compassion they ever experienced in their lifetimes. 💔🌈

BFFR often take on the more “difficult” cases – the abandoned, abused, neglected, homeless, sick and injured. We do this because animal welfare is our highest priority, & we are committed to helping the most vulnerable.

This commitment comes at a great cost, not only emotionally but monetarily. This year, BFFR have spent over $124,041.29. We are committed to providing second chances to every animal in our care no matter the costs and we are often put in a position where we must spend more than we can raise when it comes to providing the best possible care.

In order to keep offering a better future for animals everywhere, we must rely heavily on the support of our incredible community.

So in celebration of one incredible year of operation, we would love to invite you to join us 🎉🥳

🐾  Share our birthday hashtag #bearyhappy1stburfday

🐾  Become a supporter by signing up for a monthly donation (link in bio)

🐾  Taking part in our silent auction which started today (link in bio)

🐾   Spreading the word about everything we stand for here at BFFR.

We are so grateful to have you all along for this journey & we are excited to share the next chapter with you.

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