Did you know that March is Pet Adoption Month & it is also the month that BFFR will be celebrating our 1st birthday!! That’s right, on March 29th BFFR will be turning one!

This little organisation has grown exponentially in the past 12 months, creating & connecting a fantastic community of animal advocates that work together like cogs in a machine to make as big of a difference to little lives as we possibly can. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes – foster carers, transporters, volunteers, admin coordinators, (& quite literally blood, sweat & tears!) 

We know that the rescue community devote their heart & soul to giving animals a second chance – which is why we believe it is so important to take this opportunity to remind our followers of the many benefits of choosing adoption. 

There are thousands of animals Australia wide waiting for their chance to find their forever home at any given time.

Through adoption, you are supporting a much bigger cause – you are helping to greatly reduce the number of animals who are euthanized in pounds & shelters, & assisting to lower the number of animals that are left homeless & living in neglectful situations.

When you adopt a rescue animal, you support originations whose mission is to advocate for responsible pet ownership by ensuring that all animals are desexed, microchipped & vaccinated before rehoming. This is crucial in helping to end the suffering that we see each day to animals because of unnecessary over breeding.

Our mission has been clear to our loyal followers from the beginning – although we are small, we are doing everything within our resources & manpower to make a gigantic difference in the lives of animals that deserve a second chance. We have been lucky enough to find amazing forever homes for almost 50 animals just in 2022 so far, many of these people being first time adopters. It’s vital that we spread the word to our friends, family & community about the importance of making adoption their first option. 

If you know of anyone who is looking to add a new furry family member to their home, please pass this message on to them & help them make an educated choice 🐾💝

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