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Norma Needs Sponsoring


Norma AKA Peanut

Meet 10 year old Norma, aka Peanut.

This sweet tiny lady came to us after her owner sadly passed away leaving Norma fending for herself in the harsh winter weather.

Thanks to a kind hearted neighbour who couldn’t bare to see her going without, she was brought to our attention.

Norma was very skinny and dehydrated so she required 3 days at the vet on fluid therapy and supportive care. During this time it was found that sadly Norma is FIV positive and has Mammary Tumors all over her stomach.

Norma has blossomed in care and has once again found her love for life.

Norma requires regular blood tests to monitor her health and is on a high balanced diet to ensure she receives the necessary nutrients to remain healthy.


If you can please

Norma AKA Peanut




10 Years Old


FIV Positive,
Mammary Tumors


Regular Blood Tests,
High Balanced Diet