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With proper diet and medical care, rabbits can live 8-12 years or more but they do require special care so before you adopt a rabbit be sure you are prepared to feed, house and offer lots of love and attention to them for their entire lifetime.

Saving a pet and welcoming them into your heart and home will bring so much joy and companionship to both you and your new fur kid. We have a strict adoption process is to ensure that you are matched to the right companion animal for your lifestyle so that both you and your new fur friend will have a successful and lasting friendship.

We ask that you firstly summit our online application to help us in determining if there is a potential match between you and the animal that you wish to enquired about. Following this, potential matches are then contacted over the phone to discuss more and to arrange an in-home meet and greet at the foster carers home so that you can meet your potential new fur friend in an environment that is familiar and safe to them.

Our adoption process is not a first in best dressed scenario and we allow multiple applicants to meet our animals to ensure we make the best decisions for their futures.

Adopt an animal, save a life and add to your loving family today!

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    Things to Consider

    1. It’s important that you take into consideration that your new family member will need sufficient time to settle into their forever home. Before adopting, ask yourself, do you have a small room to set up base camp and do you have the time to help settle them in? This may include ensuring the first few days, you are home with them. 

    1. If you’re going away shortly after you plan to adopt, please mention this in your application as we will discuss the best time to look into adoption. If you’re going away in the future, do you have someone who can look after your pets or a plan of where they will stay?

    1. When adopting a new pet, you will need to take the time to slowly introduce them to an existing pet. We have guidelines on how this needs to be done and this process needs to be followed to give both animals the best chance at becoming friendly towards each other. A rushed process may lead to a failed introduction and furthermore, a failed adoption. Please be prepared to take the necessary time and steps for a safe and happy introduction. 

    Adopting an animal is a huge commitment, in most cases this will be 15 – 20+ years. Ask yourself, are you ready to commit to caring for an animal for this long.

    Veterinary visits are an essential part of owning an animal and unfortunately, just like humans, animals will get sick too. You will need to be prepared for an annual check-up, annual vaccination and any potential illnesses that may arise and require treatment to keep your family member happy and healthy.

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