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Fostering is all about saving lives and providing a loving temporary home for animals in need, until their forever home is found.

The joy of watching your foster blossom and find their confidence and happiness is one of the most rewarding life experiences. Some of our scared animals may require extra patience, love and attention, at times it may be challenging, but BFFR works as team to provide carers with friendly advice and support throughout these challenges.

Fostering temporary or long term will help change the lives of so many animals that deserve only the very best new beginnings. As a rescue BFFR pay for the vet care of all animals, while foster carers provide a safe home with food, enrichment, litter, bedding and lots and lots of love. There may be times when carers will be required to take their fosters to the vet so a form of safe and stress-free transport is a must. 

If you would like to discuss more about becoming a foster carer, fill out the foster application form below.

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    Foster FAQ

    Here are the steps:

    1. First step is to fill in our application form.
    2. A foster coordinator will contact you.
    3. Join our carer's group on Facebook so we can help you prepare for  your new foster.

    The length of stay can vary from one to six months, many factors are considered like rehabilitation, finding the right adoptive parents. Sometimes they require extra care. If you are no longer in a position to continue for any reason, we can take our beloved pet back. 

    All our foster parents take on the costs of food, litter, bedding and toys. If you have any concerns, just talk to us. We do receive a generous discount from Royal Canin.

    Yes. As long as you have a spare room, for example, a bedroom, study, bathroom or laundry, where you can isolate your new foster in order to do a slow introduction to your exisiting pets.

    Absolutely you can! We will always give you the first option to adopt your foster pet. However, there may be some instances your foster pet has already found their forever home, if this is the case, we will let you know before you take on a foster.

    Just let us know and we will advise you your next steps. We have a great team of Vet clinics located throughout Melbourne where we take our animals to get the best care possible. We will ensure the vet fees are covered and guide you through your fosters treatment plan.

    We have some requirements for you to be eligible to become a successful foster carer.

    1. Must live in Victoria
    2. Fill in and submit your foster care application form
    3. Submit all the relevant documentation we require to be considered.
    4. Must be 18 years and over to foster
    5. You must have a drivers licence or access to a car in case of emergencies.
    6. Your home must be safe and secure to house a foster pet.
    7. You must be able to commit to fostering anywhere between 1 - 6 months at a time.
    8. You must stay in regular contact with our mentoring team, so we can ensure you are getting all the support needed to make your foster animals rehabilitation successful. 
    9. Must agree to having 'Meet & Greets' at your home with potential adopters. 
    10. Must be willing and able to take your foster animal to one of our vet clinics when needed.
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