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Miss Moneypenny is a super happy and very affectionate 5-month-old kitten with the sweetest personality and cutest ear floof. But what makes her unlike most kittens her age is that Miss Moneypenny needs a $5,000 surgery to save her life.

Miss Moneypenny has a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which means the sheet of muscle that separates her abdomen from her chest cavity isn’t formed correctly. So her organs from the bottom half of her body have pushed through into her chest cavity, which results in her suffering from difficulty in breathing as her lungs are unable to expand like they should, so that she can keep up with her best friend and brother, James Bond.

Rays showing Penny's Large Intestine and Liver in her Chest Cavity

We were all shocked when we received the call from the lovely staff at Ringwood Veterinary Clinic to inform us that Miss Moneypenny’s X-rays confirmed she has a very serious diaphragmatic hernia, causing her breathing difficulties. Her surgery to repair the hernia does come with some added risks given her difficulties in breathing, so it must be performed by a specialist surgeon.

We desperately need the help of you, our amazing supporters, to raise the $5,000 needed to book Miss Moneypenny in for this necessary surgery so that she can live a full life without her current struggles.


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