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Pre-Adopt Elijah



Are you looking for a new fur friend to fall in love with? Well we can guarantee you’ll find yourself head over heals for this charming young man. 

Elijah is such a kind gentle soul and loves you with his whole heart. He is a gorgeous and affectionate purr machine that is always happy in your company. His favourite thing of all is a good cuddle session and loves to be as close to you as he can get. 

He has a funny and entertaining playful side but he isn’t boisterous or over the top like alot of kittens can be at his age. He will happily lay on his back gently tapping away at a toy until you stop to give him belly rubs. 

Elijah is one of the most easy going kittens you’ll have the pleasure of meeting and he gets along well with cats of all ages. He has so much love to give so it’s important we find him a forever home that will appreciate his affectionate side and love him like he is your whole world.

Would you love to have Elijah as part of your family?
Read Our Adoption Application Tips Below.
Pre-Adopt Elijah







Domestic Short Hair


Tabby & White



Holding Deposit


Adoption Application Tips

Before applying for an animal, please read through their profile thoroughly and carefully consider the animals needs and whether your lifestyle is suitable to meet those needs.
Please put as much detail as possible into your adoption application. This will give us a better understanding of your home environment, why you’re interested in adopting and whether the animal you are applying for is suitable.
If the animal you are applying for has several applications, may not be suitable to your home environment or already had an adoption, please include in your application whether you are happy to be considered for another animal in care.