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Pre-Adopt Kol



Kol is a very special young man and although he is the smallest of his siblings, he is the biggest mummas boy of them all. 

There isn’t one thing you cannot love about him, even his whingy cry that he does when he wants to be picked up and cuddled by you makes you absolutely smitten for this brave little kitten. 

Kol is the purrrfect balance that you’d want in a fur friend. He is goofy, gentle, adorable and extremely affectionate. He has truly won the hearts of everyone who has met him. 

Kol does have some special needs as he was unfortunately delt a cruel card in life. He was sadly born with a congenital condition called Atresia ani-type 1 which affects his ability to pass bowl movements easily. At only 5 weeks old he had to have his first procedure to start correcting his tiny bottom so that he could poo without discomfort. This is something that we are still working with so that down the track he won’t have anymore difficulties. Given all of this Kol is looking for a foster to adopt home with someone willing to work with BFFR until the day he no longer needs medications to help him. 

Kol has so much love and joy to share and he deserves the same opportunities as his siblings to find a loving forever home with someone who will love him for the extraordinary soul that he is. 

BFFR are committed to providing for Kol’s needs and supporting whoever adopts him so if this is something you’d be interested in discussing more please complete our adoption application so that we can call you to answer any questions you may have about his needs.

Would you love to have Kol as part of your family?
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Adoption Application Tips

Before applying for an animal, please read through their profile thoroughly and carefully consider the animals needs and whether your lifestyle is suitable to meet those needs.
Please put as much detail as possible into your adoption application. This will give us a better understanding of your home environment, why you’re interested in adopting and whether the animal you are applying for is suitable.
If the animal you are applying for has several applications, may not be suitable to your home environment or already had an adoption, please include in your application whether you are happy to be considered for another animal in care.