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Rose Needs Sponsoring


Rosie Posie

Hello from Rosie Posie!

Rose has a very fun and unique personality that makes it irresistible not to love her. Her gorgeous goggley eyes and cute chatty meows draw you in instantly, while her beautiful affectionate and playful nature makes it impossible to walk away.

Sadly Rose is FeLV positive which means her life expectancy is expected to be shorter than that of a FeLV negative cat but that doesn’t stop her enjoying every moment shared with her foster carer.

Due to her FeLV diagnosis, Rose requires regular blood testing to ensure that she receives immediate treatment and supportive care if she becomes unwell.

She’s on a high quality diet with many daily supplements to help support her immune system to remain healthy.

If you can please

Rosie Posie




3-7 Years Old


FeLV Positive,
Low Immune System


Regular Blood Tests,
High Balanced Diet,
Daily Supplements