Sponsor Tyson to help with his foster care

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Can you help? Tyson Needs Sponsoring About Tyson Tyson is aged as at least 10 years or older, he came into care so shut-down and fearful. He was covered in fight wounds with a mouth full of some of the most infected teeth and gums we have seen. The infection…
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Sponsor Storm to help with his special care

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Can you help? Storm Needs Sponsoring About Storm Introducing Storm. Storm came into our Melbourne rescue care petrified of life. He had no confidence whatsoever but soon learnt that his favourite thing was pats. This gorgeous fluffy guy blossomed into the happiest and most affectionate purr machine and turns into a confident…
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Sponsor Rose to help with her palliative care

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Can you help? Rose Needs Sponsoring About Rosie Posie Hello from Rosie Posie! Rose has a very fun and unique personality that makes it irresistible not to love her. Her gorgeous goggley eyes and cute chatty meows draw you in instantly, while her beautiful affectionate and playful nature makes it…
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