Sponsor Denzel to help with his special care


Can you help? Denzel Needs Sponsoring About Denzel Denzel has an amazingly affectionate personality and brings so much joy to the lives of everyone who knows him with the hilarious and sweet things he does on a daily basis. Sadly due to no fault of his own Denzel has multiple long term health conditions…
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Xabian is a very special boy who requires long term health care and support


Can you help? Xabian Needs Sponsoring About Xabian Hi my name is Xabian and I’m between 5-7 years old. I was rescued from a horrendous situation, scoured in urine, emaciated, flea ridden, extremely sick and dumpster diving. My heart is ENORMOUS and my potential for devotion is practically BOTTOMLESS. I…
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Sponsor Tyson to help with his foster care


Can you help? Tyson Needs Sponsoring About Tyson Tyson is aged as at least 10 years or older, he came into care so shut-down and fearful. He was covered in fight wounds with a mouth full of some of the most infected teeth and gums we have seen. The infection…
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Sponsor Storm to help with his special care


Can you help? Storm Needs Sponsoring About Storm Introducing Storm. Storm came into our Melbourne rescue care petrified of life. He had no confidence whatsoever but soon learnt that his favourite thing was pats. This gorgeous fluffy guy blossomed into the happiest and most affectionate purr machine and turns into a confident…
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