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Rabbit Food Advice

Rabbit Food Advice

When you think about “rabbit food” you think lettuce, carrots and cucumber, right? Wrong! Unfortunately there are many malnourished domestic rabbits in the world for…

National Pet Poison Prevention Month

March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month and should serve as a reminder to all pet owners to watch out for both natural and processed…

BFFR 1st Birthday

🌈In Memory of Bear The Cat🌈 Today was Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescues’ first birthday! That’s right, one whole year of growing into the mighty community…


Did you know that March is Pet Adoption Month & it is also the month that BFFR will be celebrating our 1st birthday!! That’s right,…
Raffle Winner Announced

October Raffle Winner

In the month of October we had a raffle to help raise funds for the Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue. Here is the Winner!
Great Cause For Tiny Paws

A Cause For Paws

As soon as springtime hits, queens begin to go into heat and toms begin roaming to find queens to mate with. Their bodies know when.