Asta's Foster Pathway Journey
Asta's Foster Pathway Journey
Asta’s, Foster Pathway Journey.

Introducing Asta. This street kitty has stolen the heart of many of the Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue followers with her heartbreaking story.

Asta was most likely born a stray on the streets of Melbourne as she is extremely terrified of humans. BFFR were notified that a heavily pregnant cat with a facial deformity was in need of rescue. BFFR didn’t hesitate to put their hand up to take in this girl so that she could receive the treatment she needed. With the help of wonderful volunteers, Asta was safely trapped and transported to the Beary Fuzzy HQ later that evening. With a clean warm bed and endless food supply Asta was finally safe and able to see the vet.

It was confirmed that Asta was indeed heavily pregnant and ready to give birth any day! Under veterinary supervision the BFFR team decided that Asta’s unborn kittens deserved the chance at life too so Asta returned to BFFR where she was put on antibiotics and within a few days dear Asta gave birth to 6 healthy chubby kittens. Knowing her kittens were healthy and safe, Asta was booked in for a morning at the vet so that she could be anaesthetised so her nose could be flushed out and samples taken to send off for diagnostic testing to diagnose what was causing Asta’s facial deformity do that the team could ensure Asta was put on the best treatment plan. These tests are not cheap and those few hours at the vet came to over $1,000. Asta’s test results confirmed that she has Cryptococcosis, a rare fungus often found in birth (bird?) droppings.

Thankfully there is a treatment for this, but sadly it is not one that is safe for use in lactating mums. In rescue we are often faced with many hard decisions, and this was definitely the case with Asta and her kittens.

Following advice from her veterinary team, the decision was made to move Asta’s kittens to a very experienced neonatal carer so that Asta could start her treatment. Unfortunately it was not safe for Asta’s treatment to be delayed until the kittens were older and of weaning age. Asta’s Cryptococcosis treatment is estimated to be at least 12 months and she needs to stay on her once a day meditation until her blood results come back negative for the fungus. Thankfully we can just mix her medication into her night time meal as it has been specially compounded into a liquid.

Her treatment costs us around $300 a month. Even though Asta’s face has healed the fungus is still in her blood and there is a risk it could enter her brain and cause neurological problems. This is our biggest fear especially given how scared of humans Asta still is. Once Asta’s results come back negative and she can finally have her vet-work done we will make sure she gets a safe and loving home and she will always have us to look out for her.

Asta’s kittens blossomed into the most joyful and affectionate kittens and have all been adopted by amazing forever homes.

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