How we got started in Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue
How we got started in Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue

Welcome to the Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue Blog. 

We are so excited to be able to share this blog with you, we can take you on our journey as we heal, we rehabilitate and we rehome those animals who need help. We find them forever homes. 

We have added our story here on how we got started and where our name began, which is also found on our ABOUT page on our website. We hope you can comment below, as we look forward to having you part of our community with the BFFR family.

The story of how we started and why we chose our name.


Hello, my name is Kathryn Roberts and I’m the Director of the Beary Fuzzy team.

From a very young age, I always had a magical connection to animals and wanted to give my animals the best lives but it wasn’t until I wanted to get a second cat that I found my way into the rescue community.

I couldn’t imagine choosing just one cat to help change their lives for the better, so I signed up as a foster carer to help animals in need while searching for a special soul to add to my forever family. I had no idea that fostering would change my life completely.

6 months into my foster journey, Bear came into my life and I knew he was my soul mate. I was aware that sadly Bear’s life was not going to be a long one as he was palliative care so I adopted him with the promise that he would have a meaningful life full of love where he would receive all the veterinary treatment he needed to live as comfortably as possible for the time he had.

A day after his 1st birthday I lost Bear despite all efforts to stabilize his condition. My heart was broken but I knew that Bear had helped me truly understand that my greatest passion was enriching the lives of animals who were suffering or had been let down.

I was so honored to be Bear’s Mum, he was such a caring sweet boy who thought he was everyone’s best friend. Bear opened up my whole heart to help other cats that have complex medical needs, and with my passion for rehabilitating timid and fearful cats, I soon outgrew my position as just a foster carer.

In March 2021 Beary Fuzzy Forever Rescue was formed so that in Bear’s honor we could offer animals in need a second chance of a life where they would receive the best vet care and be given the opportunity to find a quality forever home.

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