The Truth About Kitten Season
The Truth About Kitten Season

The Truth About Kitten Season.

Australia is heading into 2021 kitten season, and it will last from now and anywhere between April 2022 and August 2022. Some years, it barely even stops.

While we all can appreciate the adorable and cute balls of floof that we call kittens, because there really is no denying their adorableness! The reality for those in rescue is that it’s not all happiness, sunshine and rainbows when it comes to kitten season. Many people outside of rescue don’t know exactly how much hard work and heartbreak goes into rescuing kittens, whether that be orphaned neonates, kittens of a weaned age or pregnant Mumma’s and their litters.

We as a rescue face a multitude of medical issues during kitten season such as but not limited to: Cat flu, calicivirus, conjunctivitis, chlamydia, ruptured eyes, ringworm, heavy flea and worm burden’s, flea anaemia, birth defects, FIP, parvo and complications with the mother’s pregnancies.

Sadly not all kittens will make it through despite the round the clock care and dedication from their amazing foster carers and the awesome veterinary teams we work with.

Kitten season can be a stressful time for rescues and the medical bills will pile up, which is why we urge everyone to educate not only yourself but your friends and family about the importance of desexing your pets.

Rescues run solely on donations from the public and we’re incredibly grateful for all the donations, no matter how large or small they may be as each and every dollar goes towards helping the cats we currently have in care and those who will be coming into care of the coming months.

Throughout our following newsletters during kitten season, we will be discussing the above-mentioned topics in more depth, so stay tuned!

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