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A Vet Emergency Story

Featuring Tinky Winky a little Kitten.

As many of our followers are aware, one of the littlest members of the BFFR family, 4 week old Tinky Winky, was rushed to the emergency vet clinic 16/10/21

At 8pm Saturday evening, foster mum Kat was preparing the formula for the TellyTubby kittens 4 hourly feed, when she found tiny Tinky lying unresponsive in his litter box. 

Just hours earlier he had been a normal, healthy kitten, running around and playing with his sisters. His tiny body was now limp and twitching.

In complete disbelief, Kat rushed Tinky to AEC in Mount Waverly, desperately checking him for signs of life along the way and praying it wasn’t too late to save him. We didn’t expect him to survive the trip to the car, let alone the ride to the vet hospital. 

Incredibly, he was found to have slow but stable heart rate, and the decision was made to admit him in order to give him the best possible chance of survival. The vet determined Tinky was in a coma due to a neurological episode of an unknown cause. He had swelling in his brain.

He was placed in the ICU on oxygen and fluids and treated for his brain swelling. He was still unconscious, but his glycemic levels, heart rate and temperature were all determined to be stable. The vets and the BFFR team patiently waited for any progress in his condition, knowing that it was very likely little Tinky Winky would not wake from his coma. 

Incredibly, against ALL odds, Tinky woke up. He began acting like his normal, happy, bright and playful self. The vets and BFFR team were amazed. At this stage, it is unknown what could have caused this. The vet believes it could potentially be a congenital condition, and Tinky Winky is now being watched very carefully for any signs of further neurological events or behaviour changes that could indicate another episode. 

We are so grateful for the time AEC dedicated to Tinky’s care, however due to the incredibly unexpected nature of this emergency, BFFR are almost $1300 out of pocket for his vet expenses. This is on top of the $2000 currently owed to other vet clinics for the recent routine vet care of the many other cats in the BFFR foster family, as well as the daily ongoing costs of providing our cats with their food and basic necessities. 

We would wholeheartedly appreciate any financial assistance you can provide to help us with this unexpected extra cost. This assistance from you ensures that we are in a position to provide ongoing necessary care and expenses for our many other kitties in need, as well as provide any further vet care Tinky Winky may need as we closely monitor his health. 

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